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Project Runway: Season 6: Episode 6 Recap September 26, 2009

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As a wannabe costume designer, this week’s challenge was one after my own heart. The designers were challenged to choose one of 5 film genres and create a character, her story, and what she is wearing. The designers did a fabulous job and really used their imaginations. Some really got in depth with the story. The producers of PR also got imaginative and created a little romance between Carol Hannah and Logan. Their tables are next to each other and there was definitely some googly eyes. . And as for the judges, where are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia? Still absent. On to the looks:

After almost going home last week, Nicolas came out on top this week. His genre was scifi and he spun a tale of a wicked queen frozen by her sisters after she tried to take over the universe. His design was gorgeous. I love a villain in white! Also, the styling really put it over the top. The frozen bits on her hair are actually sugar syrup that was drizzled on her.

Coming in second, Christopher also created a fantastical tale for his period-piece inspired look. The girl is a vampire on her wedding day and has to decide between turning her fiance into a vampire as well or running away. When Christopher was left on the runway, I actually thought he was going to be in the bottom three. I like the look from the waist up, but the bustle and skirt just looks messy with no rhyme or reason.

Rounding out the top three was Epperson with this Western-inspired look. The heroine is a homesteader who has to take care of the land after her husband goes off to war. Even though Epperson didn’t want to do a Western look, his was actually my favorite. The rough denim ruffles are great combined with the leather corselet and holster. The model was also styled perfectly and looks straight out of a movie.

Carol Hannah created an Action-Adventure look. Her spy looks very dominatrix.

Logan’s Action-Adventure look is very similar to Carol Hannah’s but not as good. Kind of reminds me of Lara Croft in a weird way. Maybe its just the models hair. I’m definitely not loving the weird slash in the pant leg with the fabric peaking out. This looked a little cheap.

Irina’s Film Noir look was a little slut-tastic with the see-thru lace panels. I like the overall look though.

Althea, I love you! This film noir look is sexy and cool.

Shirin created this Western saloon girl look. I’m rather on the fence with it.

Now for the bottom three. Gordanna created this 20s inspired period piece. It’s pretty but it is lacking the wow-factor the judges were looking for. They thought she could’ve gone so much further with a period piece than a flapper.

Louise almost went home with this uninspired Film noir look. It just didn’t stand out and the time period was a little schizophrenic with Louise describing the character as an aspiring actress in the 40s going to an industry party with a 1920s theme. Check out her Etsy page, because she has totally done better than this look.

Unfortunately, Ra’mon’s scifi look got him sent home. He attempted to create a sexy lizard-like alien with an insatiable lust for men, but ended up  with a B-movie swamp thing costume. He scrapped his original body-suit idea 2 hours before the end of the day, which was admittedly worse, but he just couldn’t pull it off. Bonus points for trying to salvage though. P.S. Doesn’t that “leather” look like the cheap costume fabric you can get at Joann’s around halloween? I think that’s what did it.


Project Runway: Season 6: Episode 5 Recap September 19, 2009

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What’s black-and-white and re(a)d all over? Project Runway’s newspaper challenge! Sorry for that horrible pun that is probably being used all over the blogasphere. It wouldn’t be Project Runway without an unconventional materials challenge and this one did not disappoint. Designers were given 3 minutes to raid the Los Angeles times for newspapers and in addition to newsprint were allowed to use glue, tape, paint, and muslin (though the muslin wasn’t allowed to show). Michael Kors and Nina Garcia were yet again absent and in their place were Zoe Glassner, Senior Editor for Marie Claire Magazine, actress Eva Longoria Parker, and designer Tommy Hillfiger.  Let’s take a look at the designs:

Irina won the challege with her unique trenchcoat. I, for one, love this look…though use of some of the colored sections might’ve been nice. The crumpled paper on the collar and cuffs look very chic and surprisingly uniform. It’s almost like shearling.

Christopher was in the top three with his self-proclaimed show-stopper. This one was actually my favorite. The bodice was perfection with a foundation made from pattern tag board. The skirt mimics the look of feathers and had very nice movement as the model down the runway. The dress kind of reminds me of something a can-can girl in a backstreet dancehall would wear.

Althea rounded out the top three with this chic little number. Love, Love, LOVE IT! She did a great job using the different colors in the newsprint to create a pattern in the dress. It was perfectly executed.

Epperson’s look seemed very kimono-inspired. The sleeves were a little much for me and so was the bare back.

Louise, I love you, but what is going on here? The neckline looks like hot rollers and the skirt looks like pagoda-style roof tiles. Also with such a short, structured, ultra-flared skirt, I’m surprised we didn’t see some panty shots.

Carol Hannah’s look is great from the waist up, but that skirt is just a horrendous mess. She also had a lot of difficulty getting this dress off the dressform and on to her model.

Logan’s Asian-inspired look was fabulous. It doesn’t even look like newspaper to me. I love the asymmetrical fans that come out of the bodice and hem. The turquoise mixed in with the black-and-white is also a lovely combination.

Shirin’s bodice was perfectly paper mached, but that skirt is just weird. I understand the origami appeal but it reminds me of a circus tent. I also would’ve liked a little color.

Ra’Mon’s origami-inspired design was lovely. Great choice of print to make beautiful patterns. It doesn’t even look like newsprint.

Gordana made it into the bottom three with her boring design. So much can be done with newspaper and this is just way too conventional for the judges.

Nicolas landed in the bottom two with his “punk” look that turned out to look more like an insect’s exoskeleton.

All of the drama in this episode was centered around Johnny. His first attempt was slammed by Tim who said it look like kindergarteners made it and birds attacked it. Johnny trashed the disastrous design and then went back to work, but when this look wasn’t working out either, he decided to make up a lie. He told everyone including the judges on the runway that his first look was “much better” but was destroyed by a steam-sputtering iron. The judges weren’t taking his excuses though and he was eliminated. Tim Gunn called Johnny out in a way only Tim Gunn could: “I’m incredulous at that utterly preposterous spewing of fiction that Johnny did on the runway. It was ridiculous.”


Found it on Etsy: Barbie Murders September 13, 2009

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Found on etsy! Was it Ken? Was it Skipper? Who dunnit? The Barbie Murders are a series of prints by wildemoon on Etsy. It’s very kitsch, a little morbid, and riddled with black humor. I want the whole series! Prints range from $5-$10 for individuals, but there are also greeting cards (complete with blood splatters on the inside) and a sampler of all 10 Barbie Murder prints in 8.5″ by 11″ format for $100.


(A not as late) Project Runway: S6: Ep4 Recap September 12, 2009

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This week the models were the clients and the designers had to clothe them for a special industry event. Some designers found synergy with their models while others struggled to marry their aesthetic with the wants of their client. Let’s take a look:

Althea won this challenge with her three-piece “Le Smoking” design. I’m not impressed. It looks okay from the waist up, but I’m not a fan of the way-too-short paperbag skirt that gives the model a pooch stomach. Why exactly did this win?

Carol Hannah’s design was also in the top three and was my top pick. The draping, colors, and print were fabulous. The back swished just right as the model walked.

The judges praised Epperson’s innovative design: strips of fabric stretched and stitched across a simple silhouette. My only beef was the brown, but other than that: Kudos!

Christopher joked to Tim that his design looked like a salad…I agree. Maybe it’s commentary on the only thing that most models eat.

I’m in love with Gordana’s design and it was in my top three, however not the judges. That weaving effect down the front is perfection!

I like Irina’s design, but am I the only person who feels that it looks a little old? This is something you should wear in your 30s.

Louise made a classic LBD pop with a dramatic neckline.

Beam me up, Scotty! Nicolas’ design looks a little more “Star Trek Convention” than “Fashion Industry event”.

Love, Love, LOVE! Ra’Mon’s royal blue cocktail dress is perfect.

Shirin did a great job making a beautiful dress for a difficult model who’s fashion sense was questionable.

A judge commented that the most interesting thing about Johnny’s dress was the handbag. Heidi saw a bridesmaid dress. I could do without this bottom three look.

All the judges agreed that Logan’s 50s-inspired design was a little too “prom”. Is it so horrible that I kind of like it? Especially the ribbon wrapped around the bodice waist.

Qristyl went home this week. Heidi said that the look aged the model 10 or 15 years, which are dog years in model terms. The dress wasn’t appropriate for the event, but I liked its simplicity. It won’t make you stand out in a crowd though…


(A very late) Project Runway: S6: Ep3: Recap September 9, 2009

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So this is very late, but I was having some issues with wordpress, so it’s not coming out until now. Episode 3 recap! This was a surfer challenge! The designers teamed up to create a California surfer look and just to add a little extra drama, halfway through a second avant garde look was added. There was drama to be had! Epperson and Qristyl did not get on well at all and ended up bickering together in the bottom two. In two project runway firsts, non-team leader,  Ra’Mon won the challenge, and the leader of the winning team, Mitchell was Auf’d. Apparently he barely sewed a stitch and left the bulk of the work for Ra’Mon. Three strikes and you’re out! This week, Michael Kors was out again with Max Azria in to take his place. Rachel Bilson also guest judged. Let’s check out the pics:

Mitchell and Ra’Mon’s avant garde look was made at the last minute when a wetsuit didn’t work out. It’s made from neoprene and is hand-dyed. This is probably what got the judges to pick Ra’Mon.

Mitchell and Ra’Mon’s surfer look. Love the ombre effect!

Irina and Johnny’s surfer look was actually my favorite. That macrame back was amazing and this look just epitomized the California surfer girl to me.

Maybe the avant garde look is what lost it for Irina and Johnny. This is a hideous tree trunk! I can see the connection with the macrame-like weaving on the bodice, but this is really just fugly.

Althea and Louise had my favorite Avant Garde look. I love the sparkle on that bodice and the ruffled skirt is so sexy and Moulin Rouge.

Althea and Louise also had a cute surfer look.

I would love Carol Hannah and Shirin’s wave-inspired avant garde look except for that hideous piece of fabric wrapping around the neck.

Carol Hannah and Shirin’s surfer look was simple and fabulous. Great for when you go from a lunch date to the beach.

Christopher and Logan’s avant garde look made me want to cry it was so hideous. It just looks dirty! I’m not a fan of the wetsuit inspired look. It’s like a ballgown you’d wear on a jetski. This one was in my bottom two.

Ah! Much better! Christopher and Logan’s surfer look is much more stylish and I love the hat that Logan made!

Gordanna and Nicolas were in the bottom two and I can see why. However, the surfer look is the one the judges did like! Yah, the hand-dyed macrame is cool, but doesn’t it make the model’s torso look stumpy?

The judges hated Gordanna and Nicolas’ avant garde look, but am I so weird that I think it is kind of cool and funky in a good way. They ran out of lace so they an inseam was foregone, but I kind of like it that way.

The print and top of this surfer dress of Qristyl and Epperson’s is fabulous, but it really has a wonky skirt. I’m waiting for a wardrobe malfunction to happen.

I feel like Epperson and Qristyl’s avant garde look has a cape. Is this a beachy superhero costume or just plain fugly?


For all you starving crafters… September 4, 2009

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Starving Crafter

For all of you starving crafters looking to make an extra buck, this blog is the answer to your problems. Starving Crafter is a resource to find the latest opportunities for crafters, artists, and designers. They post contests as well as links to websites where you can sell your wares. They also organize contests in categories by type (i.e. bookmaking) and deadline (i.e. September 9th, 2009). Check it out.


Unicorn Heels

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Oh how I wish these heels came in my size! Jeffrey Campbell has designed the sweetest unicorn-inspired high heels. They are whimsical, but not overdone. I want!

They come in nude, gold, black, and black patent. They are available at Solestruck.com.