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Bib necklaces September 2, 2009

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I’m in love with this trend: Bib necklaces! The name sounds cheesy but is very descriptive of what they are. They are definitely statement pieces, not to be worn by the timid. Here are some pics of bib necklaces that I particularly liked:

The Rousseau Necklace- $138 at Anthropologie

Floral Grid Necklace- $125 at Banana Republic

The Young Victoria Challenge, Crochet Necklace- $49 by DAINTYCROCHETBYALY (Etsy)

Vera Wang bib necklace from her FW2009/2010 collection (Source: Splendicity)

Amy Adams rocks the bib necklace at the 2009 Oscars (Source: Sugarscape)

Want to make your own bib necklace? Check out lovemaegan.com for DIY tips



Fashionable Band-aids: The Bandage Dress

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Ever since Herve Leger’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection, Hollywood has been overrun with celebrities in Bandage dresses. This trend has been long-lasting, but how much longer can it hold on? Do these bandage dresses need to be ripped off like an old band-aid? You decide…
Bandage dresses are versatile. They can be sophisticated:

Lucy Liu looks sophisticated in a bandage dress (image via Examiner.com)

They can be Playful:
LiLo in a rainbow bandage dress (Image via TrendHunter)
Bandage dresses can also be glam:

Kim Kardashian glams it up (Image via FashionIndie)

How about Posh?
Victoria Beckham (Image via TrendHunter)

Beth Ditto of The Gossip rocks it (Image via GlamourVanity)
More Celebrities:
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Panettiere (Image via GeniusBeauty.com)
Mariah Carey and Blake Lively (Image via GeniusBeauty.com)

Herve Leger mixes trends:
Bandage Dress with Cut-outs (Image via Fashionising.com)
And just for fun:

Mummy Costume

Mummy Costume

The original bandage dress! A mummy costume from Wondercostumes.com


I vant to suck your blood…BLEH!

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From Twilight to True Blood, it is undeniable the hold that vampires have on pop culture today. I’m more partial to the Anne Rice variety of vampires, but I can’t ignore the effect this has had on fashion. Not just cheesy “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” shirts for tweens, either. Here are some of the fashion and accessories that vampires have inspired:

Vampire Rings available at Bittersweets NY

Edward’s Smile Necklace available from Jules Smith

Lip Venom V from DuWop

TopShop’s campy tribute to the vampire/horror genre (Source: Refinery 29)
Some examples of high fashion inspired by the Vampire trend:

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture (Source: The Vine)

Rodarte (Source: Inoutstar.com)

Celeb Photoshoots:

Christina Aguliera in Citizen K. Scary? Sexy? Scary/Sexy? (Source: ONTD)

Lady Gaga came out as a vampire for Out Magazine (Source: Glam Our Vanity)


Couture Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are no longer relegated to elementary school bake sales. In recent years they’ve gone high fashion. Bakeshops dedicated specifically to these gourmet cupcakes are cropping up everywhere. There’s one near me that offers a wide selection of the tastiest and prettiest cupcakes you’ve ever seen. It’s called Sweet and Sassy and you can also order from them online for your special event. I’m quite partial to their specialty cupcakes, like Bailey’s Irish Cream and White Chocolate Pretzel, but you also can’t go wrong with good old Vanilla/Vanilla.
To reflect the cupcakes new position as the most fashionable sweet treat, Swedish photographer Therese Aldgård and prop stylist Lisa Edsälv created a photoset featuring designer-style cupcakes. Betsey Johnson, Agent Provacateur, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, and Chanel are all represented.

(Source: Hint Fashion Magazine)


Shoulder Pads- Thumbs up or down?

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So this is somewhat old news, but shoulder pads have made a comeback. I’ve yet to see them much on Main Street, USA but they’ve definitely been revived on the runways and can be seen on many celebrities. The difference between the shoulder pads of 2009 and the ill-fated 80s shoulderpads, is the sharper silhouette with more structure. The shoulder pads of the Dynasty-era were akin to loosely fitted suits with boxy jackets. I think the shoulderpads of 2009 are definitely more wearable but we’ll see if they catch on.
Here are some images I scrounged up.
Shoulder pads could be seen all over the Fall 2009 runways from Calvin Klein and 3.1 Phillip Lim to Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbanna:

From Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2009 Runway Collection (Source: InStyle)

Look from 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Fall 2009 Runway Show (Source: InStyle)

The ubiquitous Balmain military jacket seen on everyone from Beyonce to Rihanna. (Source: Examiner.com)

Here are some shots of celebrities in shoulder pads:

Rihanna in a Balmain Jacket. You can definitely see the influence of Michael Jackson. These must be flying after the untimely death of the King of Pop. (Source: Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Outfitters)

Another snapshot of Rihanna in shoulderpads. She seems to never go without them anymore. (Source: Sweet Fuzz)
Many believe that Victoria Beckham started the trend among celebrities. What do you think? In any case, she definitely rocks it! (Source: TheFind Buzz)
In case you are feeling crafty and want to update your own wardrobe with shoulderpads, here are some tutorials on how to make your own:

Origami Fashion

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Lately, I’ve been in love with origami fashion and accessories, so I scoured the internet and came up with various current examples of the trend in the fashion world.

Andre Lima’s SS2009 collection was inspired by “Geometric Effects” but defintely resembles classic origami animals. (Images were found on Trend de la Creme blog)

Also from the runway, we have Chanel’s SS2209 Haute Couture collection. It took 40 people working 24/7 to create the 6000 paper flowers needed for the collection and the amazing headpieces were created by hairstylist and artist, Katsuya Kamo. The all black-and-white collection channels 1930s glamour, but with a modern edge. Bravo, Lagerfeld, bravo. (Images originally found from ViewOnFashion Magazine)

The Origami effect has also reached the red carpet:

Cameron Diaz at the 2009 Academy Awards. (Image originally found on Stylelist Blog)
Evan Rachel Wood at the 2009 Academy Awards. (Image originally found on Stylelist Blog)

Heidi Klum at the 2009 Academy Awards. (Image originally found on Stylelist Blog)

Rachel Bilson in Phillip Lim in March 2009. (Originally found on Origami Sightings- Fashion)
And what about accesories?

Origami shoes by Dutch Designer, Marloes ten Bhömer (Image originally found on Coquette Blog)

Bottega Veneta origami bag. (Originally found on Origami Sightings- Fashion)

And now for something completely different! USAtoday challenged Isaac Mizraahi to create an elegant dress from a stack of old newspapers. (Originally posted on Origami Sightings- Fashion)

And now that you’ve seen all these amazing designer origami creations, are you you yearning for your own origami fashion statements?

Take a look at this origami headband! It was posted on Burda Style and the creator also included a tutorial. Perfect for all those little fabric scraps!

This origami necklace was actually inspired by the tutorial for the origami headband. I decided that I had to have a necklace like this for my own, so I actually crafted one for myself. Super easy! I also added little black crystals to the centers of the origami squares to dress it up a bit. (Originally posted on BurdaStyle)
And now, just for fun!
Get in on origami fashion with this kit found at Wishingfish.com.
And I just find this hilarious:

Everyone loves a clever t-shirt. (Originally found on Origami Sightings- Fashion)