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Fashionable Band-aids: The Bandage Dress September 2, 2009

Filed under: Trends — eeamende @ 3:41 pm
Ever since Herve Leger’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection, Hollywood has been overrun with celebrities in Bandage dresses. This trend has been long-lasting, but how much longer can it hold on? Do these bandage dresses need to be ripped off like an old band-aid? You decide…
Bandage dresses are versatile. They can be sophisticated:

Lucy Liu looks sophisticated in a bandage dress (image via Examiner.com)

They can be Playful:
LiLo in a rainbow bandage dress (Image via TrendHunter)
Bandage dresses can also be glam:

Kim Kardashian glams it up (Image via FashionIndie)

How about Posh?
Victoria Beckham (Image via TrendHunter)

Beth Ditto of The Gossip rocks it (Image via GlamourVanity)
More Celebrities:
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Panettiere (Image via GeniusBeauty.com)
Mariah Carey and Blake Lively (Image via GeniusBeauty.com)

Herve Leger mixes trends:
Bandage Dress with Cut-outs (Image via Fashionising.com)
And just for fun:

Mummy Costume

Mummy Costume

The original bandage dress! A mummy costume from Wondercostumes.com


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