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Project Runway: Season 6: Episode 6 Recap September 26, 2009

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As a wannabe costume designer, this week’s challenge was one after my own heart. The designers were challenged to choose one of 5 film genres and create a character, her story, and what she is wearing. The designers did a fabulous job and really used their imaginations. Some really got in depth with the story. The producers of PR also got imaginative and created a little romance between Carol Hannah and Logan. Their tables are next to each other and there was definitely some googly eyes. . And as for the judges, where are Michael Kors and Nina Garcia? Still absent. On to the looks:

After almost going home last week, Nicolas came out on top this week. His genre was scifi and he spun a tale of a wicked queen frozen by her sisters after she tried to take over the universe. His design was gorgeous. I love a villain in white! Also, the styling really put it over the top. The frozen bits on her hair are actually sugar syrup that was drizzled on her.

Coming in second, Christopher also created a fantastical tale for his period-piece inspired look. The girl is a vampire on her wedding day and has to decide between turning her fiance into a vampire as well or running away. When Christopher was left on the runway, I actually thought he was going to be in the bottom three. I like the look from the waist up, but the bustle and skirt just looks messy with no rhyme or reason.

Rounding out the top three was Epperson with this Western-inspired look. The heroine is a homesteader who has to take care of the land after her husband goes off to war. Even though Epperson didn’t want to do a Western look, his was actually my favorite. The rough denim ruffles are great combined with the leather corselet and holster. The model was also styled perfectly and looks straight out of a movie.

Carol Hannah created an Action-Adventure look. Her spy looks very dominatrix.

Logan’s Action-Adventure look is very similar to Carol Hannah’s but not as good. Kind of reminds me of Lara Croft in a weird way. Maybe its just the models hair. I’m definitely not loving the weird slash in the pant leg with the fabric peaking out. This looked a little cheap.

Irina’s Film Noir look was a little slut-tastic with the see-thru lace panels. I like the overall look though.

Althea, I love you! This film noir look is sexy and cool.

Shirin created this Western saloon girl look. I’m rather on the fence with it.

Now for the bottom three. Gordanna created this 20s inspired period piece. It’s pretty but it is lacking the wow-factor the judges were looking for. They thought she could’ve gone so much further with a period piece than a flapper.

Louise almost went home with this uninspired Film noir look. It just didn’t stand out and the time period was a little schizophrenic with Louise describing the character as an aspiring actress in the 40s going to an industry party with a 1920s theme. Check out her Etsy page, because she has totally done better than this look.

Unfortunately, Ra’mon’s scifi look got him sent home. He attempted to create a sexy lizard-like alien with an insatiable lust for men, but ended up  with a B-movie swamp thing costume. He scrapped his original body-suit idea 2 hours before the end of the day, which was admittedly worse, but he just couldn’t pull it off. Bonus points for trying to salvage though. P.S. Doesn’t that “leather” look like the cheap costume fabric you can get at Joann’s around halloween? I think that’s what did it.


One Response to “Project Runway: Season 6: Episode 6 Recap”

  1. James Says:

    Hey, awesome, we have the same #1 favorite again this week =). I enjoyed Nicolas’s design and he was definitely worthy of the Top 3/#3 for me (despite him being my least favorite designer, due to his obnoxious personality), but I was appalled that he beat the incredible Epperson, who has swiftly become one of my primary favorites of this season. Epp’s dress was sensational and should’ve either won or been the second best.

    I, too, expected Christopher to be in the bottom. I still like him a lot (he was my pre-season favorite, and he’s still shining), but I agree that sometimes his outfits’ lower-halves look haphazard. I rank him square in the middle, #6.

    I actually loved Shirin’s design. I thought it was adorable and sexy, and also well-crafted…especially since she was apprehensive about Western as well. My #4. My #2 though….Once again, Althea’s in my Top 4! Fantastic look, really sultry and seductive. Althea is the queen this season.

    I actually don’t mind Ra’mon’s elimination. Sometimes, he thought too highly of himself. But overall, I liked him and his designs, and this was the first time my mouth dropped in utter disbelief. (I rooted for Malvin’s shock elim..) Louise has made great things in the past, so I hope she redeems herself and wins at least once.

    The weakest left, imo, are Logan (though I loved his Asian-newspaper, as you know) and Nicolas (duh), although since the latter has immunity and Gordana’s out of favor lately, she’s vulnerable, too. It’ll be criminal if any other fab designers are early-booted, like Johnny and Ra’mon.

    My rankings:
    01) Epperson
    02) Althea
    03) Nicolas
    04) Shirin
    05) Carol Hannah
    06) Christopher
    07) Gordana
    08) Irina
    09) Logan
    10-11) Louise/Ra’mon

    I need to rewatch, to remind myself of the movement. I always feel bad calling a designer I like the worst of the week =\.

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