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(A very late) Project Runway: S6: Ep3: Recap September 9, 2009

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So this is very late, but I was having some issues with wordpress, so it’s not coming out until now. Episode 3 recap! This was a surfer challenge! The designers teamed up to create a California surfer look and just to add a little extra drama, halfway through a second avant garde look was added. There was drama to be had! Epperson and Qristyl did not get on well at all and ended up bickering together in the bottom two. In two project runway firsts, non-team leader,  Ra’Mon won the challenge, and the leader of the winning team, Mitchell was Auf’d. Apparently he barely sewed a stitch and left the bulk of the work for Ra’Mon. Three strikes and you’re out! This week, Michael Kors was out again with Max Azria in to take his place. Rachel Bilson also guest judged. Let’s check out the pics:

Mitchell and Ra’Mon’s avant garde look was made at the last minute when a wetsuit didn’t work out. It’s made from neoprene and is hand-dyed. This is probably what got the judges to pick Ra’Mon.

Mitchell and Ra’Mon’s surfer look. Love the ombre effect!

Irina and Johnny’s surfer look was actually my favorite. That macrame back was amazing and this look just epitomized the California surfer girl to me.

Maybe the avant garde look is what lost it for Irina and Johnny. This is a hideous tree trunk! I can see the connection with the macrame-like weaving on the bodice, but this is really just fugly.

Althea and Louise had my favorite Avant Garde look. I love the sparkle on that bodice and the ruffled skirt is so sexy and Moulin Rouge.

Althea and Louise also had a cute surfer look.

I would love Carol Hannah and Shirin’s wave-inspired avant garde look except for that hideous piece of fabric wrapping around the neck.

Carol Hannah and Shirin’s surfer look was simple and fabulous. Great for when you go from a lunch date to the beach.

Christopher and Logan’s avant garde look made me want to cry it was so hideous. It just looks dirty! I’m not a fan of the wetsuit inspired look. It’s like a ballgown you’d wear on a jetski. This one was in my bottom two.

Ah! Much better! Christopher and Logan’s surfer look is much more stylish and I love the hat that Logan made!

Gordanna and Nicolas were in the bottom two and I can see why. However, the surfer look is the one the judges did like! Yah, the hand-dyed macrame is cool, but doesn’t it make the model’s torso look stumpy?

The judges hated Gordanna and Nicolas’ avant garde look, but am I so weird that I think it is kind of cool and funky in a good way. They ran out of lace so they an inseam was foregone, but I kind of like it that way.

The print and top of this surfer dress of Qristyl and Epperson’s is fabulous, but it really has a wonky skirt. I’m waiting for a wardrobe malfunction to happen.

I feel like Epperson and Qristyl’s avant garde look has a cape. Is this a beachy superhero costume or just plain fugly?


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